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Rani and Adam offer a unique approach to keynote speaking, in that their stories are told in tandem, interwoven with powerful lessons that anyone can learn from. Their individual journeys from struggle to strength served as catalysts for change and while their experiences with disability are vastly different, they share an unshakeable determination to take charge and live a life that matters.

They have supported each other through huge challenges and now, live to inspire people to move forward through life with unstoppable mindsets and a solid resilience toolkit.


Corporate / Private


The right motivational speaker can raise an event to the next level, stimulating attendees’ minds and empowering them to take steps towards an enhanced experience of life. The pathway to success, be it in our personal lives or our workplaces, is often viewed as a solo endeavour. This can lead employees down a challenging and isolated road where many get stuck feeling uninspired and completely drained. In overcoming their own challenges, Adam and Rani have cultivated skills that are relevant to people in any workplace.

Themes: Leadership, resilience and wellness



School is a challenge for students across all age groups. There is mounting pressure from social media and magazines to look and act a certain way. Bullying and mental illness in school age students is at an all-time high. These are issues that Adam and Rani are very passionate about because of their own personal struggles through their school lives. At 9 years of age, Rani experienced her first brain injury. At 13, Adam was diagnosed with bone cancer. Adam and Rani draw on their own experiences to deliver a powerful, insightful and engaging presentation for primary and secondary students alike.

Themes: Self-confidence, resilience and kindness

Hospitals / Treatment Centres

Hospitals/Treatment Centres

Being a patient in hospital or rehab is not fun, especially when dealing with life threatening and/or life altering experiences. Overcoming these challenges can take years of work and the psychological impact can be just as crippling. Rani and Adam are uniquely placed to draw on their own healing journeys, to guide people through adversity, shift the way they perceive their current reality and help them to achieve what they want in life. From the initial diagnosis through to retraining the body and mind to accept a new normal, their stories have a particular resonance for those undergoing their own treatment.

Themes: Forward-thinking, accepting change and resilience

Charities / Community Groups

Charities/Community Groups

One of the key motivators for Rani and Adam in creating the Age of Ability was an understanding of the transformative power of storytelling. As communities, stories help us to connect, show compassion, offer comfort and champion change. Drawing on their own personal experiences with disability, Adam and Rani will share how they turned their greatest challenges into their greatest triumphs and showcase how the right mindset can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. Community presentations are tailored to the specific needs of the audience, focusing on the themes of overcoming adversity and the power of a positive mindset.

Themes: Positivity, overcoming adversity and self-confidence

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